Central Heating System Maintenance

Most Irish Homes have Hot Water
Central Heating Systems, this is where water is heated at a central point ( by a Boiler ) and then sent through the interior of the Home using pipes and Radiators.

In general Central Heating Systems are reliable and typically only require a Low level of maintenance and Support. But over time your Heating System can develop a build up of sludge and Scale within its radiators and pipes, this is caused by internal Corrosion and this can inhibit the entire Systems performance which can be very particularly noticeable on larger Central Heating Systems :

Resulting in the following symptoms:

Radiators are not as warm as they used to be.
Slow heat-up time of individual radiators
Some Radiators not warming up at all
You need to Bleed your Radiators more frequently
Your boiler starts making unusual noises

This happens over time and reduces the efficiency of your System in Heating your home, causing you to spend more money on fuel powering a system that is only working at a percentage of its capacity. Its also creates additional load on your Boiler shortening its operational lifespan.

Regular Central Heating System Maintenance:

It is recommended to power flush your Home Central Heating System at least once every five Years even if you have not experienced any of the problems listed above.

This will also ensure that you maintain system efficiency and do not place additional load on your boiler and your pocket as an inefficient system will
burn additional fuel and with fuel costs at an all time high its best to try and ensure your System is running at maximum efficiency.

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