Solar Panels

Solar Panels Specifically designed for our Irish Climate

We install Solar Panels specifically designed for the climate here in Ireland.

Solar Panels that employ the Latest Technology

Our Solar Panels use the latest Technology from world renowned leaders in this technology.

These solar panels don’t need direct sunlight, they work off natural daylight, they can produce up to 70% of your Annual domestic Hot water using Free Energy they absorb from the Sun.

How these Solar Panels work

Energy from sunlight is absorbed by the Solar Panel Collectors via what is called a heat transfer liquid. This liquid is then circulated into the main cyliner via a circulation pump where it heats the water in the cylinder indirectly via a second coil running through the cylinder.


Frequently Asked

Requirements for installing these Solar Panels:

Our Solar Panels are designed to integrate with your existing Home Heating system. Typically, all that is required is around five square metres of roof space which faces east to west through south and receives direct sunlight for the main part of the day. Also the solar panels don’t have to be mounted on a roof: they can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof or hanging from a wall. No planning permission is required

Is the installation of the Solar Panels a disruptive process?
No, not at all. Our team can have a system up and functional in just a few hours. The majority of the work is done on the outside of the home so no redecorating is needed. Our installers are professionals, with many years of experience, so they know exactly what they’re doing.
Grant Assistance
There is a grant of €1250 available from SEAI towards the Installation of a Solar Thermal Water Heating System
Do solar panels work in Ireland?
Ireland isn’t exactly the sun destination of Europe. So you might be wondering whether solar panels work at all here. Modern Solar Panel technology means that they are very effective in Ireland. Solar panels work off light, not heat. Even on overcast days they will continue to generate electricity you can use in your home. Rest assured that installing solar panels in Ireland will save you money in the long run and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.
Are Solar Panels worth it in Ireland?
Solar offers real financial and environmental rewards to Irish homeowners. An investment made now will save you money in the short term and ultimately become profitable in the long term. At House 2 Home we specialise in tailored Solar Energy solutions based on the needs of each homeowner. Every house is different but just as important to the owner. Our team of specialists can offer a free consultation. We will asses your needs and draw up a plan. We will tell you what savings you can expect. We even help with finance and government grants so you can relax and enjoy your new environmentally friendly energy.


Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating System.

Many people are aware that solar panels can produce electricity for a home but they may not be aware that they can also be a great source of hot water as well.

Our solar panels are specifically designed for the climate here in Ireland. Our solar panels don’t need direct sunlight, they work off natural daylight,
so they will produce up to 70% of your hot water all year round.

How our Solar Water Heating Work

The process which solar panels use to collect sunlight is fairly simple. The panels are exposed to solar radiation and heat from the sun is collected and transferred to a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger transfers the heat energy into electrical energy which can be used to power your home.

As well, some of the heat can also be utilized in order to heat water for personal use. If you have a very inefficient system, the solar panels you may need can be quite large.

This can make them unusable in some homes because they take up such a large amount of room. Now, with more efficient solar panels, you can use a smaller panel and you can also use a more efficient solar panel in an area where weather conditions may not be optimal.

Your Solar Water Heating System

If you do decide to take advantage of the lower heating and electricity
costs that solar energy can bring, you will notice that several different components will be installed.

In addition to the solar panel system itself, you will also need to have a back-up system that runs on gas or other fuel systems in order to provide any energy needed during particularly bad weather.

If you are interested in finding out how solar panels can help save you money on your heating and energy bills, you need to call for more information. This can include a quote for the cost of installing your system
and a description of how the system will work and what the benefits to you will be.

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